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Homemade Chicken Stock (from leftover roast chicken)

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsCook Time45 minsTotal Time50 mins

Don't waste your leftover Roast Chicken - use it to make a delicious stock that can be used for chicken soup or chicken gravy !!

 1 Chicken Carcass The whole leftover chicken
 3 CarrotsEach cut in half
 2 OnionsUnpeeled cut in quarters
 2 Sticks of celery Each cut in half
 3 Garlic clovesUnpeeled cut in half
 Leftover VegetablesWhatever you have leftover cooked or uncooked
 1 Red or Green PepperCut into 4
 Mixed HerbsUse fresh or dried herbs if dried about 2 tsp
 2 l Hot WaterReplace whatever you can of this water with the water you have used to cook your chicken and vegetables in the Ninja Foodi previously (extra flavour)

Put all of the vegetables into the pot and make a bit of a gap in the middle. Lay the chicken in the gap.


Add the mixed herbs and some salt and pepper to your taste


Pour approx 2 litres of hot water over the chicken and vegetables.
Now Pressure Cook on High for 45 Minutes. Natural release the steam (around 10 mins) then quick release.


Let it cool down for a short while and then pour the contents through a sieve into another large bowl (I use my old slow cooker pot)

Now pick off any chicken meat from the leftover chicken, it will come off like shredded meat, really tender. Keep this in a separate bowl. Be careful not to pick any bones/gristle - you can use this to make Chicken Soup later


Let it cool and pop it in your fridge.

Leave overnight and you will see a layer of fat/oil at the top. Remove this.

You can freeze this in pots to use later if you want. Use this as a delicious base for your soup or gravy