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Pork Casserole (Slow Cooker) (Syn-free!)

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time20 minsCook Time4 hrsTotal Time4 hrs 20 mins

Warming casserole that can be served alone or alongside some potatoes / rice, etc.

You can use vegetable gravy and add no meat to make this vegetarian! Also, you can use any vegetables you like in this recipe. :-)

For you slimming world members, this recipe is syn-free as long as you use lean pork!

 2 - 4 Pork ChopsChopped into chunks. You can use different meat, if you would prefer
 2 CarrotsDiced
 1 OnionDiced
 2 ParsnipsDiced
 1 Turnip or SwedeDiced
 1 Litre of GravyI used Beef Gravy, but you can use any kind
 1 tbsp ThymeOptional
 1 tsp Mixed HerbsOptional
 1 Pack of Dumpling MixOptional

Fry off the pork chops in a frying pan over a high heat, until they start to brown. Then transfer the pork chunks to the Foodi pot.

You can chop the pork into chunks and then fry, or I like to fry the chops whole (on the bone if possible) and then chop up afterwards.


Now mix up 1 litre of a gravy of your choice in a jug and add this straight into the frying pan you've just taken the pork out of. Heat this over a medium heat for a few minutes.


Add all the vegetables to the Foodi pot with the pork. At this point I like to add salt, pepper and thyme, but this is personal preference - season to taste.


Now add the gravy to the Foodi pot and give the casserole a good stir.

Pop the pressure lid on and set to 'VENT'. Now select 'SLOW COOK', set the temp to 'HIGH' and the time to 4 hrs. (Alternatively, you can set the temp to 'LOW' and the time to 8 hrs)

You can pretty much leave this now - I usually stir once or twice during the cooking.


For the last 1 hour of cooking, you can add in some dumplings (homemade or packet mix). I like to use a packet mix and add some mixed herbs!


Once finished, serve as it is! Or you can serve alongside some potatoes, mashed potatoes, rice - anything you fancy!

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