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New To Ninja Products

We have set up a tip page with lots of information on how to get started with pressure cooking – First Time Pressure Cooking Ninja Foodi

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We have a tip page dedicated to this which may help –  Cleaning Your Ninja Foodi

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Ninja Abbreviations/Acronyms

  • PC – Pressure Cook
  • AF or AC – Air Crisp
  • QR – Quick Release, this relates to venting the steam as soon as the pressure cooking is Done
  • NR – Natural Release, this relates to not venting the steam when pressure cooking is Done, leave in the seal position for a minimum of 10 minutes before venting
  • Broil – This is the American term for the Grill function on the UK machines
  • Billythekid says:
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    I cannot understand the way your recipes are so badly done. For example 1.50 stock?? Pints or litres? 2 Hot water? 2 What???? Never seen such bad instructions in recipes!
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    Registering Your Warranty

    Ninja Kitchen has a page dedicated to the details of the terms and conditions of the warranty and why you would benefit from registering your products  –

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    You can register your warranty here

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    Spare Parts & Accessories

    To guarantee that you are getting genuine spares and accessories for your Ninja products you should buy directly from Ninja kitchen by selecting the model that you have purchased –

    You can buy other accessories for the Ninja Foodi by searching for pressure cooker accessories on Amazon or Ebay for example

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    US to UK Conversions

    We have set up a handy measurement conversion guide to help you convert dry/liquid measurements, temperatures from F to C and some common cooking conversions – US – Metric – Imperial – UK Conversions

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    Using Ninja Recipes UK Website

    You need to be signed in to view.  Click on the Profile button on the top right of the website and you when you are in your profile you will be able to see a link to ‘My Recipes’, here you can see all of the recipes that you have submitted.  There is an ‘Edit Recipe’ link next to each if you would like to make changes.  Click on ‘Add Recipe’ to submit a new one.  An easy to use form will load where you enter your recipe details.  There are some mandatory fields.  Click ‘Submit Recipe’ when you are finished.  The recipe will become live as soon as it is approved by an administrator.  Feel free to share your recipes once they are live on the website

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    Click the heart icon next to your favourite recipe.  If you are logged in this will save automatically to your profile in your favourites section.  If you are not logged in you will need to register first

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